PENDO NEWS coverage of workshop 2

Stakeholder Workshop Objectives

  • To discuss the issues related to electronic waste from off-grid solar products, 

  • Best practices for disposal/recycling at the end of their lifespan.

  • To Identify a viable business model that can bring all stakeholders together that is attractive to the end user, viable for retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and practical for recycling.


Date Conducted:
September 21st, 2018
Meeting conducted in English.

Venue Description:
Location of Workshop: ibis Styles Nairobi Westlands Hotel; Raphta Road, Nairobi, Kenya

High Level Stakeholders from Solar retailers, Solar Manufacturers, Academia, Microfinance Institutions, County Governments, Consultancy Organizations, NGO’s, Technicians (Informal Sector), Recycling companies, Solar users, Solar sales people and NEMA (National Environment Management Authority)
Meeting Format:

1. Introduction
    i. Introduction of participants
    ii. Introduction of the problem
    iii. Introduction of the project

2. The REWMOS Project
    i. Aims and goals of the project
    ii. Project progress to date
       a) Presentation of findings from (Life Cycle Analysis) LCA
       b) Presentation of findings from stakeholder interviews
       c) Presentation of findings from solar users surveys

3. Stakeholder and Partner Presentations
   i. Regulations & policies on e-waste management
   ii. Insights from recycling companies

       a) Problems and challenges of e-waste from off-grid solar
   iii. E-waste initiative and role of informal e-waste sector
   iv. Example of current practices in the SHS Industry

4. Interactive Brain-Storming & Discussions
   i. Best practices on e-waste management
   ii. Best practices on maintenance and lifetime extension of SHS
   iii. Building viable and sustainable business models

5. Workshop Conclusion
   i. Summary of discussion and Ideas
   ii. Key considerations
   iii. Way forward in the SHS sustainability drive
   iv. Future REWMOS activities


Resource Efficiency and Waste Management for Off-grid Solar Products

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