Workshop 1

Date conducted:
May 25th, 2018
Workshop conducted in English and Kiswahili.

Venue Description:
Location of Workshop 1: Solibrium-Solar office, Kakamega Town, Kenya

Solar users, technicians, solar prospects and Solar Home Systems sales agents.
  • Provide awareness to stakeholders ( solar users, technicians, and prospect users) on what REWMOS intends to do.
  • Seek responses and opinions of the stakeholders about REWMOS plans.
  • Seek feedback and experiences from solar users regarding the use of solar, and practices that can increase longevity, efficiency and effectiveness of solar components.
  • Seek opinions about existing and best practices for disposal of solar components
  • Know types of solar kits that prospect buyers would prefer to buy. 
  • Expert advice on best practices
  • Demonstration of solar products
Feedback Summary:

A total of 18 solar clients were interviewed and the average size of their households was 7.

In general, solar users testified that Solibrium’s solar kits provide bright and durable lighting, is easy to use, and it has helped to significantly reduce the cost of fuel. They reported that one of the main challenges is bad weather results in incomplete battery charging and subsequently, reduced lighting time. Another issue raised was the automated switch off of the kits if payments are not made on time.

Technicians pointed out that some technicians replace wrong spares to solar kits making them unusable, or reducing the life span. Currently, there is no disposal measures for obsolete solar components and as such, they have a challenge to store or properly dispose unusable materials. They applauded REWMOS for looking in to proper disposal of solar component waste. Seven prospect solar users were also interviewed and they were all interested in solar for lighting, charging and entertainment.


Resource Efficiency and Waste Management for Off-grid Solar Products

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