Why Conduct Awareness creation:

  • Educate solar users on best practices to enhance efficiency, extend lifespan and improve waste management of off grid solar home systems.

  • Provide awareness to stakeholders (solar users, technicians, and prospect solar users) on what REWMOS intends to do.

  • Seek responses and opinion of the stakeholders about best practices on disposal of obsolete solar products.

  • Seek feedback and experiences from solar users regarding use of solar, and practices that that can increase longevity, efficiency and effectiveness of solar components..

  • To identify which best practices users are already employing in their homes.

  • To identify which additional best practices will users welcome and are interested in.

  • Teach users about best practices, environmental impact of SHS waste, and economic and environmental benefits of life-span extension of SHS.

  • Awareness creation video link -

  • See attached SHS Best Practices Bronchure - English & Swahili version


Resource Efficiency and Waste Management for Off-grid Solar Products

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